Spelling Whiteboard

Taking the whiteboard to the next level!

Tired of losing your whiteboard markers while teaching?  This educational tool takes a whiteboard to the next level.  Its effectiveness is in its simplicity. It features a spelling board, which students can use to build words by dragging phonograms and letters to a white space on the board. Punctuation marks are available for when the student is ready to move on to building sentences.

One can switch to a plain whiteboard, choose colors to draw or write, and use it as a general writing surface.  For example, we use it with my son to practice math problems.

– Intuitive interface
– Drag and drop functionality allows easy word construction
– Phonograms help improve spelling
– Draw or write freehand to explain concepts or practice math
– No in-app purchases
– No ads

If you have any comments, requests or problems, please let us know on the form below.  Thanks!