Founded in 2012, Interactive Labs started its journey with the vision of creating fun and engaging apps and games, and providing our clients a successful project.

Guided by the highest standards of quality and development, we strive to be the best in the field. We listen to and apply the feedback given by our users and clients, in order to recreate ourselves constantly.

We believe that for success to be accomplished, there are certain foundations that need to exist in any company:

  • Organization: requirements, plans, deadlines… are all meaningless if there is no clear structure. We base our work on creating a system, just like a fine-tuned machine, where every part has an important role and needs to perform in harmony with the rest.
  • Expertise: Our commitment to create top of the line products pushes us constantly to train in the latest technologies. We are geeks by nature, so our curiosity for new things drives our daily lives.
  • Communication: Internal and external communication is a top priority in everyday business at Interactive Labs. It is imperative for communication to exist at every moment, to achieve the speed and accuracy we are expected to give.
  • Delivery: On time, every time. No excuses.

We are organization, expertise, communication and delivery, all in one package!